Flying back up to the ranch.

Posted on 16 January 2018 | Comments Off on Flying back up to the ranch.

Stopped and took a picture of the inverted weather. We live in one of the coolest places on earth.

Inverted weather

To prove the pic wasn’t taken from an airplane. 🙂

Truck inverted weather

1985 F-250 Diesel

Posted on 13 January 2018 | Comments Off on 1985 F-250 Diesel

I’ve been searching for quite some time, and finally found almost exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been torn between the blue/white and the red/white, but ultimately very happy with this one.

I found it out near Yakima on a farm, in very good shape for an 85. Interior is very clean, save for the door panels. The body has the usual scratches and marks that you’d expect on a 30 year old farm truck. Will be fun to put some new tires on it, go over the motor and restore the exterior and interior.

F450 with F250 on trailer

Put new tires on, before bringing it up the mountain. Super excited about it.

1985 F-250 parked next to a 2018 F-450.

F450 parked with F250

Winter sun!

Posted on 3 January 2018 | Comments Off on Winter sun!

This winter we’ve had far more overcast days than normal, so when the sun shines, you have to get out and get things done… even at 10 degrees.

Winter sun

Inyourflippindreams – all healed up and ready to go again

Posted on 13 December 2017 | Comments Off on Inyourflippindreams – all healed up and ready to go again

Inyourflippindreams (Dream), injured her leg last year in her stall, and took more than 6 months off to heal up. She’s now back in training, and we are excited to see what she can do.

We had big plans for her and the Futurity in Oklahoma, but it doesn’t always work out that way.


December through April, we are on calf watch

Posted on 9 December 2017 | Comments Off on December through April, we are on calf watch

For the next few months we are on calf watch. We’ll make several trips out to the pastures to check for new calves, and make sure predators don’t get there before we do.

Truck Calf Watch

Cows in winter

Ginger – Scottish Highlander

Posted on 27 November 2017 | Comments Off on Ginger – Scottish Highlander

This is Ginger our Scottish Highlander, she’s the newest addition to the ranch. She’ll get moved to the pasture near the gate this spring and be nothing more than yard-art.

Ginger - Afar

Ginger - close

Farrier – Hot Shoeing

Posted on 5 October 2017 | Comments Off on Farrier – Hot Shoeing

Dacy Horse hot shoeing one of our horses this summer. What an incredible craftsman and absolutely fascinating to watch.

Hot shoe



Palisades, WA

Posted on 26 August 2017 | Comments Off on Palisades, WA

A tractor, and a tiny truck parked on our horse trainer’s slide track in Palisades, WA.

John Deer, Ford F-450 in Palisdes, WA

The work never ends…

Posted on 19 August 2017 | Comments Off on The work never ends…

Hauled up the first 12,000 pound load of stone for the porches, patio and walkways. Last few months I’ve put a lot of energy outdoors. Building roads across the property, pastures, landscaping, trees, etc.

Stone on truck trailer


The work never ends…


Horse riding out in the Palisades

Posted on 19 August 2017 | Comments Off on Horse riding out in the Palisades

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few weeks now that the heat has broken. Did some riding out on the Kirschner ranch the past few weeks with a couple of our horses, getting ready for hunting season.

This is Wiley.

Wiley Cross Tied


Wiley Bending



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