My iPhone 4 arrived 2 days early!

Posted on 22 June 2010

Well, my iPhone 4 arrived 2 days early and caused a bit of buzz.

dsc05840As of last night my shipping status still showed a delivery date of the 24th even though I had received the email from Apple informing me of a possible early delivery on the 23rd.

Was quite surprised this morning when my wife handed me a box from FedEx and it said “Assembled in China” on the side. I was actually expecting a few other FedEx / UPS deliveries, but not the iPhone for 2 more days.

Regarding activation; I simply powered it on, plugged it in, punched in the requested details from iTunes and it was up and running in about 15 seconds. I was able to immediately make and receive calls within seconds of activation, which was quite surprising. I feel bad for those who received it but are unable to activate theirs. That’s brutal.

Thus far the screen is brilliant and clear and almost has a surreal feel to it, the display is so crisp it simply looks fake. The phone is extremely thin, feels hefty and the sharp corners seem to make it a little easier to grip.

As for performance, you’d expect me to say that it is extremely snappy… and well, I have to say that it really is. The whole family has had a turn on it since it arrived and we all feel the exact same. It actually feels very much over powered from a performance perspective, everything is quick and smooth.

Call quality thus far is pretty frustrating, I’m having wide swings from full signal to absolutely nothing with more than 5 dropped calls so far. Hoping this doesn’t continue.

Battery is quite impressive, my son played Jelly Car 2 for about 45 minutes or so and depleted a measly 8% of the battery.

In regards to heat, it does feel a little warm, like hand-warmer warm… nothing serious.

The rear facing camera, which is by far one of the most popular features is just incredible, the videos and snapshots below don’t do it justice… I’m not a photographer so it’s easy to see why they look so amateurish.

The camera display while taking snapshots and recording video is breath taking, colors are amazing.

Over all, super-impressed.

I’ll include a number of pictures and some video here and a few links to the blogs that are posting them as well.






iPhone4 First Unboxing Pics


Touch Arcade:

Youtube Videos

Vertical Indoors – iPhone 4 HD (720p) Video:

Horizontal Outdoors – iPhone 4 HD (720p) Video:

Another video outdoors, this time of a rabbit:

Another video of a tree (up close):

A low light video for all those asking for one:

iPhone 4 with Real Racing:



102 responses to My iPhone 4 arrived 2 days early!

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  • bbb says:

    Very pretty but you should have shown a screenhot of Tridefense instead of Fieldrunners

  • JoeVenture says:

    Hey. I was wondering if you could tell me whether you had to input your cell phone number that is to be assigned to the new phone, or if the sim card was already pre-programmed? I had a friend use his upgrade for so I could get the new iPhone, but I’m wondering if I’ll just be able to lug it in and use out of the box on my own, or have to take it into AT&T… Any thoughts or comments would be very helpful. thanks.

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  • Michael Mckeever says:

    Congrats! Looks good.

  • Dan says:

    Hi there,

    Any chance the speakerphone volume is better? I cannot hear the 3GS phone when I am driving.

    Thank You in Advance!

    • moses says:

      I was actually using the speaker phone while taking some snapshots of that rabbit… speaker sounded much more clear.


  • […] a ativação de pelo menos um usuário já foi efetivada. Chamado Loyal Moses, ele já postou em seu blog vídeos em 720p e fotos capturadas com o iPhone 4. Vou deixar uma amostra do que Moses postou logo […]

  • […] that iPhone 4 units were shipping out to customers a day early; well, they’ve already arrived at the addresses of some customers. Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with reports of new iPhone 4 […]

  • […] that iPhone 4 units were shipping out to customers a day early; well, they’ve already arrived at the addresses of some customers. Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with reports of new iPhone 4 […]

  • Tony says:

    That display looks stunning. How will I survive until Thursday?!?!

  • Cameron says:

    Hey congratulations! That’s terrific.
    And fantastic job on the blog post, too. Very clean, love it.
    I hope it feels neat to be the coolest guy around. 😀

  • […] that iPhone 4 units were shipping out to customers a day early; well, they’ve already arrived at the addresses of some customers. Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with reports of new iPhone 4 […]

  • KodeK says:


    Btw, how is the responsiveness of the racing game now that they updated it to use the gyroscope? Can you tell the difference?


    • moses says:

      Like night and day, on the 3GS you feel like you have to tilt, then over-correct back to where you should be.

      With the iPhone 4, you barely move the phone and everything just glides.

      Very impressive.


  • Ethan021 says:


    Does the iPhone 4 do HD Games like the iPad?

    Aka will it play the HD apps from the iPad versions.

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  • […] di registrare video a 720p. Un utente che ha ricevuto oggi il proprio telefono con la mela, ha postato alcune immagini e video, di esempio, scattate e girati con il nuovo dispositivo. […]

  • zakk says:

    So cool. Thanks for all the pictures. I can’t wait to see how amazing that display is in person. Just about 24 hours now…

  • Jochen S says:

    Congrats Moses!

    Can you comment on how good/bad the new display is in direct sunlight?


    • moses says:

      It’s actually not too bad… better than the 3GS by far.

      Was taking some pictures of my son in the yard this afternoon with my back to the sun and could see the display just fine.


  • Calvin B says:

    OMFG!! I was looking through your pics and video….Wow. I can’t wait to pick mine up thursday morning!!!

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  • cherrygirlunmei says:

    My Goodness, the iPhone 4 is a lot more gorgeous than I expected. the photographs are just stunning! Loving the quality on the games too, so smooth and just lovely. I seriously can’t wait for mine to arrive, hopefully it’ll deliver today!

    Congrats on getting yours early, lucky duck! Enjoy it in good health.

  • thank you says:

    dude, thanks for posting all this info and the excellent pictures. It is keeping me pacified until 7am tomorrow!!

  • Archer says:

    Is the call quality (is it louder) than 3GS ? Signal better or worse than 3GS

    • moses says:

      Sound quality appears to have improved all around for both the internal speaker and ear speaker. Signal strength is a bit frustrating, I get 4 to 5 bars here at the house with the 3GS but keep losing signal with the new iPhone 4.


  • […] Loyalmoses […]

  • […] Another customer, who calls himself Loyal Moses, has posted an extensive collection of images and YouTube videos. […]

  • Eric K says:

    My iPhone 4 arrived today and your post inspired me to take a bunch of photos around Seattle to do a head-to-head comparison with my old camera, the BlackBerry 9700 Bold.

    Here are the iPhone 4 photos:

    I’ll post the Blackberry photos tonight…

  • Gina says:

    I received mine today and as you describe I have swing from no bars to full bars….but I noticed when I have my fingers over the antenna gaps I loose bars and when I remove my fingers from the gap I slowly get bars back….also screen more sensitive it reacts to my cheek causing calls to go to speaker or ending call. Other than that I absolutley am blown away with the crisp clean view and the PDF files…and so much more

    • moses says:

      I agree, even with the signal issues the phone is so completely impressive that it makes waiting for a solution a little easier.

      I am very positive Apple will have a solution for those of us with this problem, in the mean time, put a case on it, it solves the problem until Apple provides a remedy.



  • jon truelove says:

    Thanks a TON for posting these. These look GREAT.

  • […] The thing I’m most excited about wrt the new update is the software. It offers incredible multitasking features and is a lot faster I think. I’ll avoid going on and on since others have done a better job, with pictures. […]

  • Stef says:

    Have you been able to get a case yet? I can’t believe that a lot of companies like Otterbox still do not have any. If these companies knew that so many people were getting their iPhone 4 by June 24th why didn’t they make sure we could order them and have them in time for the phone?

  • SterlingMoses says:

    Amazing to be browsing the iPhone4 release news and come across this link from MacRumors! Great article, those pictures are amazing! With all the AT&T downtime on June 15th I wasn’t able to pre-order until the morning of the 16th and then I was thrown into the July 14th batch of phones. Can’t wait to get my hands on one though!

    Have you ran up any applications that really tax the processor yet? Have you begun any development for the IOS4 platform yet?

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  • […] that iPhone 4 units were shipping out to customers a day early; well, they’ve already arrived at the addresses of some customers. Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with reports of new iPhone 4 […]

  • joey says:

    I know that iPhone 4 is the best buy, but I am not going to buy iPhone 4 until and unless they are going to fix this issue. I do not think that merely the software update is not going to solve the problem.

  • josejavier says:

    I will investigated apps that can recognized the speed of the A4, but thanks for the screenshot that nice that the iphone 4 run on 512 of ram…

  • moses says:

    I plan on snapping some pictures as quickly as the sun goes down.


  • moses says:

    I’ve added several low light photos.



  • Jon Daly says:

    f1.4… niiice, I’m jealous. Now that he has the iphone4 flash pics up, they look pretty darn good for a phone… don’t you think?

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