Windows 7 more secure than Snow Leopard… huh!?

Posted on 13 May 2009

Apparently this is the viewpoint of one “Rob Enderie” who claims this:

[code]”Will Windows 7 Be More Secure Than Snow Leopard?

It will because it has to be. With the launch of Windows 7, Macs will be targeted much more often, and Apple’s policy of concealing the related exposures has the potential to result in a major news story.

But it’s our job to protect users and make sure all of this wonderful stuff is working safely. With Windows 7, our job generally gets easier — and the Mac guys will have to sweat, for once.” — Rob Enderie[/code]

This is such silly dribble. How he connects the release of Windows 7 to more targeted attacks on OS X is beyond me.

He must have some super-insight into the mind of evil h@X0rs and somehow calculates that hackers and researchers are going to pass on an awesome opportunity to find new / exciting vulnerabilities in the  (historically proven) weakest operating system ever created and just slide on over to a new release of OS X for grins.

My favorite quote is the “It will because it has to be.”  heh.

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